October 28, 2014

In this blog, we take a look at car ownership throughout the country and the locations of car dealerships in selected towns and cities.

The image shows where the particularly high concentrations of cars are located throughout the South East. As we can see, the highest concentrations can be found as we move out of major towns and cities and on the outskirts. This makes sense as these people have to travel further to reach the city centre or other major localities. Also, the amount of public transport available decreases as you move out of towns and cities, which therefore makes having a car more important.

With London holding only a few areas of high car numbers, we can see this increase as we move north, around Peterborough, Luton and in particular the market towns surrounding Northampton.

Royal Tunbridge Wells

  • Population – 82,121
  • Households – 35,784
  • Wealth – 131.45
  • Total Cars – 43,532
  • Car Dealerships  – 68

A map of Royal Tunbridge Wells showing cars and dealerships.


  • Population – 217,223
  • Households – 87,329
  • Wealth – 163.97
  • Total Cars – 97,751
  • Car Dealerships – 147

A map of Cambridge showing cars and dealerships.


  • Population – 769,368
  • Households – 347,251
  • Wealth – 81.57
  • Total Cars – 274,954
  • Car Dealerships – 331

A map of Liverpool showing cars and dealerships.