October 17, 2023

Here’s a quick update on where things are at in terms of the Scotland and Northern Ireland Census releases.


According to the census outputs release schedule, data will start getting released in the Spring and Summer of 2024 in a phased release.

Northern Ireland

The boundaries and data for Northern Ireland are now available for us to download and process.

Due to the size of the task and the knock-on effect on our clients, we’re going to release the Scotland and Northern Ireland data at the same time. Which, given the release schedule for Scotland, is likely to be a Q3 or Q4 release.

Additionally, we must combine all the data covering England and Wales (already in Vision), Scotland, and Northern Ireland to make the UK Census package. Trust us when we say that it isn’t straightforward. We’ll need to merge all the different geographies and demographics together in a standardised way when they have all been carried out and implemented separately.

Leave it with us, and we’ll keep you updated on the key milestones and provide you with up-to-date release plans for Vision. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or follow our socials to stay updated.