October 2, 2023

The update for the US is here! It includes the 2020 Census data, the latest American Community Survey data, and we’ve also added business data. Alongside this, we’ve added the updated geographic boundaries for the Block Groups, Census Tracts, Counties, States and ZCTAs.

What's available?

This significant update has plenty of new and updated layers and data. You can expect the latest boundaries for Block Groups, Census Tracts, Counties, States, and ZCTAs. The Block Groups are a new lower level of geography available in Vision.

You will then be able to access the US 2020 Census data, the latest American Community Survey data, and US Business data from Data Axle. 

How to update?

To access the latest data, you will have to update to the latest versions of the boundaries. We will NOT release the new data for any previous versions.

In terms of updating your Vision systems, a couple of options are available to you.

  1. DIY – Do-it-yourself approach.
  2. Atlas supported update.

We’ve created some supporting documents to help with either approach, which you can find below.

Updating ZCTA Geography Workflow. This document provides a workflow of the update process. It also gives instructions and links to other documents, articles and even a video to help you complete the update.

Vision Update Packages. This document provides you with the available support packages from Atlas Mapping. You can choose from various options depending on how much support you would like with the update.

Unsure about anything?

We understand more than anyone how complicated these updates can be. We’ve spent months working on all the different update components and the supporting documents to try and make it as easy to understand and implement as possible. Unfortunately, there is no avoiding the complexities that come with updating to new geography and data.

If we’ve missed the mark, or you want to chat about anything relating to the update, please get in touch; we’d be happy to help.

We've also added US Business Data.

We’re working with Data Axle who offers some of the most comprehensive and accurate business and consumer databases. 

These business demographics will be available to clients who subscribe to the USA data pack in Vision. The demographics include the total number of businesses and the number of businesses banded by employees. These will be available for the latest version of the ZCTA geographies and any territories built from these.

We can also provide bespoke counts based on a selection of SIC codes for an additional cost. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.