June 6, 2023

It’s been an exciting time at Atlas Mapping over the past year as we prepare to grow into the next phase. Since we started the company many years ago there was a long term goal of Jon and Stuart splitting roles to focus on what they each do best. That time has finally come and we’re excited to announce the official title changes!

Let’s start with Jon, the founder of Atlas Mapping. His new official title will be CEO and Founder. We are still a very small company but continue to have big ambitions and wanted to show some respect to Jon’s original idea that made everything possible in the first place. Keeping Founder in his title made sense, and we hope it helps our new clients understand why they might be getting a midnight answer to their question when he can’t help but chip in and help out! Being a small company means he is still actively involved in decision making but less so in the day-to-day activities of Atlas Mapping, so we felt CEO was appropriate to represent this. We’re sure that taking this step back from the day-to-day will mean he has more time and head space to implement the incredible ideas floating around in his head, and that our clients will enjoy the benefits of this too!

This change then paves the way for Stuart to officially take the title of Managing Director. For a while now Stuart has been taking on the organising of Atlas Mapping, setting company direction and the responsibility of moving the company forward. But by making this title change we hope it’s clearer to all of our clients and friends in the industry what his duties are. He still loves working with clients and solving problems, so for a long while yet he will still be in the background for a lot of projects.

They both had this to say about their roles and the future:

Jon – “Taking on the role of CEO & Founder is the next logical step for me. 12 years ago, a technical solution to a real-world problem catapulted me, almost overnight, into the position of accidental business owner when I founded Atlas Mapping. I have fond memories of those times and this new title pays tribute to those events while also indicating that I intend to continue to have an active role in the business and its strategy. Stepping back a little from the day-to-day activities will allow me to spend more time turning some very cool ideas into real business solutions and that is what excites me the most.

I think the ultimate objective for any founder is to find someone whose passion for your company burns as brightly as yours. I knew from day one that person was Stuart, and it has been my honour and absolute privilege to make him a partner in the business and to help him realise his dreams. He has been incredibly supportive of me throughout the past years, and he has immense and infectious passion for business and for people. I know that Atlas Mapping, its employees, and its customers will all benefit under his leadership.”

Stuart – “Running a company has always been my ambition since I was young, so being in this position is a dream come true! I have been extremely privileged to have worked with hundreds of incredible business leaders over the past 11 years and try to apply everything they have taught me. In particular, I am passionate about how Atlas Mapping can be a vehicle of positivity for the people that work for us and that we interact with.

Working with Jon all of these years has been a humbling experience watching his mind working through problems, piecing together complex software and mind-boggling data manipulation. Most of which goes unseen by our clients, yet everyone greatly benefits from, so he is a little bit of an unsung hero. I hope this title change helps to give him even more room to excel and receive some of the plaudits he thoroughly deserves.

Jon, Stuart and the Atlas Mapping team – Thank you to everyone we have worked with over the years. We hope you all continue to have a great 2023.