July 4, 2014

In this blog, we take a look at where hospitals are situated, the difference between the spread of hospitals in a small city as compared with the level of coverage that can be found in London.


We’ve plotted the location of Peterborough District Hospital and applied drive-time zones with 5 minute increments. As you can see, from where the hospital is situated it is possible to reach or be reached by medical professionals in and around 30 minutes. Obviously, as you move out into the more rural areas this time is increased.

The hospital itself having recently moved out of the city centre area is now ideally situated in an easily accessible location with good transport routes to all sides of the city.

Within this total distance zone it covers the following (approximately):

  • 294,555 total population
  • 45,538 population aged 65+
  • 125,224 total households
  • 1 major hospital

Peterborough Hospital with Drive-times

South London

Now we’ve plotted the locations of the major hospitals in South London to see how the coverage varies between the UK’s capital and its smaller cities. As you can see, the hospitals tend to be located in the London boroughs, and in some cases, they are actually fairly close together. In the main, most communities can be reached within the 20 minute drive time zone, however, this doesn’t take traffic into account, which as we all know can be very substantial in London.

Again, the hospitals are located to make the best use of the transport infrastructure, and their ability to cover the majority of the population is extremely impressive.

Within this total distance zone for the South of London only, it covers the following (approximately):

  • 3,190,720 total population
  • 381,170 population aged 65+
  • 1,344,877 total households
  • 13 major hospitals

South London Hospitals with Drive-times

The comparison statistics show that the level of coverage between the South London hospitals and the Peterborough hospital are actually fairly similar. Even though the geographic size covered by each South London hospital is smaller than the Peterborough hospital, the density of the population and travel times between the boroughs require there to be more hospitals.

Peterborough and London Hospital Catchment Area Statistics

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