June 26, 2024

The Client

Caremark is a home care company with excellent standards, excellent people and excellent success stories. They provide care in the home for people from all walks of life.

Customers are at the heart of everything they do, but its the dedicated Care Assistants who help the customers to flourish, living where they want to be, in the comfort of their own homes.

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The big challenge for Caremark came when Local Authorities started to merge. This meant that, in some cases, the original geography used to create their territories no longer existed. They needed a new way to manage their territories to overcome this problem.

The territories were defined in franchise agreements and couldn’t be changed. Yet the business somehow needed to stay on top of demographic updates so they could keep making data-driven decisions. Solving this tricky issue required specialists in not just mapping but also franchising. That’s where we came in.

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Caremark entrusted our experts to create bespoke boundaries that wouldn’t need to change in the future. Then, up-to-date population data could be estimated for these specially designed areas.

After plotting the new boundaries, we ran update sessions for the Caremark team so everyone could understand what had changed and why. We also created Caremark staff and client Sonar profiles to enable them to find future customers and team members more efficiently.

With an understanding of how much more efficient it would make them, Caremark also decided to implement the ‘Find Your Nearest” add-on in Vision so they could accurately allocate leads and jobs to the right franchisee.


To enable them to make better data-driven decisions faster, Atlas Mapping has given Caremark a clearer picture of their territories, demographics, classifications, and territory performance, as well as their staff and client base.


We saved the team hours of work, now and in the future, with the use of ‘Find Your Nearest’, which has automated the whole process of job and client allocation.


Caremark can set its own rules on how calls are managed and this has led to big savings in time, cost and effort. Customer enquiries are now dealt with instantly and professionally, providing a top-notch customer experience.


Above all, Caremark now has the reassurance that, thanks to our expertise and Vision software, their territories are “future-proofed”.



The benefits of using Vision for Caremark

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Easily access data
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User-friendly system
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Help is always on hand
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Happier customers
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Clear business growth
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Happier franchisees