January 23, 2024

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CareYourWay offers bespoke care services, providing expert quality care at home, and they have used our territory mapping services and Vision platform for many years.

When the time came to update to the latest census, they were keen on doing this as fast as possible to ensure all their decision-making was based on the latest and most accurate data. It was also important to them that new prospective franchisees would be able to access the latest demographic and market data.

For a smooth transition, they wanted the additional support of materials they could send on to franchisees to clearly explain the update.

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CareYourWay chose to use our specialist packages that took the challenge of updating to the latest census entirely off their hands.

Our experts identified all the new postcodes being added to the franchise network, as well as any that had been removed. Then, we made recommendations on which territories new postcodes should be added to and we sent this information to CareYourWay for approval.

Once the Postcodes had been updated, the new demographics from the latest census were accessible. With this came a new selection of geo-demographic affluence indicators, via Sonar, so they could accurately locate new customers for franchisees as well as potential carers.


For each territory affected by the update, we produced a simple-to-use single-page report on the updates to postcodes and demographics.

This enabled the head office team to fully appreciate the impact of what had changed and franchisees to see how much their territory had increased in population.

The full benefits became apparent after we’d applied all these updates to the CareYourWay territory network in Vision. We saved the head office team hours of work they no longer needed to do, enabling them to get on with doing what they do best. 


Better still, the company can now move forward with franchise recruitment and franchisee support knowing their data is bang up-to-date and completely accurate.



The benefits of using Vision for CareYourWay

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User-friendly system
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Easily access data
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Pre-defined network of territories
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Help is always on hand
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Happier customers
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Customer testimonial

"We have been delighted at the level of value that Vision has brought CareYourWay. Through seamless understanding of our model, Vision has supported us in turning a local home care provider into a national franchise. The statistics are well-received by all of our prospects, and we can see the level of value our mapping provides our franchise partners. Thank you to the team at Atlas Mapping."

- CareYourWay