June 26, 2024

The Client

In 2017, Traci Hawkins envisioned a space where hairstylists and beauty industry professionals could have a place to call their own, a flourishing community where a skincare expert could work in their own dedicated suite with, say, a beauty therapist on one side and a hairstylist on the other. She imagined a haven where pampered customers could come for all their health, beauty and wellness needs. Thus, Beauty Bungalows was born! The first location, nestled on Main Street in Downtown Huntington Beach, CA, boasted 15 impeccably designed suites.

Each premium salon studio came equipped with top-of-the-line fixtures and the opportunity to personalise the space to fit the individual brand image with artwork, paint, wallpaper, music and furniture. In this way, Beauty Bungalows provides professionals with all the benefits of salon ownership at a cost-effective price.

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Like many businesses, Beauty Bungalows was uncertain where to put down roots or what criteria to use for new franchise territories. Being a business-to-business model, looking at demographics such as population or households didn’t seem appropriate. So, the big question was, how could they tell if an area offered enough opportunity for Beauty Bungalows to succeed?

After considering their options, they came to Atlas Mapping for expert advice and recommendations. They wanted to know what the right approach would be for successful franchising and how many suites could be placed in different Zip Codes or territories.

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Our experts analysed the current business data and cross-referenced this with Beauty Bungalows’ guidance on their business. This enabled us to pinpoint areas with the most potential that Beauty Bungalows should focus on.

After minor refinements, the methodology used took into account how many complementary businesses (their target clients) were in a selected area. We also recommended grading Zip Codes by ‘tier’, measuring the number of potential customers and grading potential site locations to simplify the planning strategy.


Our experts created a network across the entire US amounting to over 2,700 markets created by combining Zip Codes.


Each territory was classified by the ‘tier’ system to shine a light on areas that offered the most potential. This enabled Beauty Bungalows to make better-informed decisions on-site planning. Now they, and their franchisees, can see a clearly signposted path to success.



The benefits of using Vision for Beauty Bungalows

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Customer testimonial

“As an emerging salon suite franchise brand, Beauty Bungalows, we embarked on a quest to find a territory mapping software tailored specifically to our industry. We weren't just seeking a tool that churned out maps and demographics; we wanted a partner who would collaborate with us to craft territories that truly aligned with our unique business model.

After exploring numerous mapping software platforms, we came across Atlas Mapping, and it was a game-changer. The team at Atlas didn't just hand us a map and bid us farewell; they dove deep into understanding our business model and what constitutes an optimal territory for us. They meticulously ensured that each territory within the USA was maximised to accommodate as many franchise opportunities as possible while maintaining their viability and strength.

Working with Atlas has been an absolute delight. Their thorough training equipped us with the knowledge to make the most of their platform, and their ongoing support has been nothing short of fantastic. The end product they delivered exceeded our expectations in every aspect.

Atlas Mapping has become an invaluable selling tool for us. Prospective franchisees have found immense value in using the information provided by Atlas to make well-informed decisions about the territories they wish to invest in.

I wholeheartedly recommend Atlas Mapping to any franchise brand seeking to define territories with precision and maximise their potential. Their expertise and dedication are second to none, and they have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in our journey towards success.”

- Beauty Bungalows