January 16, 2024

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Right at Home is one of the UK's leading homecare brands with offices across the country. We’ve worked with them for many years, joining them at the early stages of their franchise development journey and supporting their growth as they established themselves as a successful national provider.

What Right at Home needed to fuel further expansion was access to reliable and accurate market information. This insight would help them make the best possible decisions for customers, franchisees, caregivers and the business itself.

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In this case, the solution could not be simpler. We’ve helped Right at Home make even better use of the wide range of invaluable data available to them via their Vision subscription. They have access to detailed demographics at regional, territory and neighbourhood levels which means the whole team can make better-informed decisions. This high-quality data leads to more targeted customer marketing, better recruitment initiatives to find new caregivers and an in-depth understanding of what the competition is up to. 

All this good stuff is displayed in user-friendly Vision and Right at Home employees are granted different permission levels and access, depending on their roles. This prevents the system from becoming overwhelming for users who might need just a small amount of data to carry out their day-to-day work.

As well as providing them with Vision, we helped Right at Home develop a network of territories that provides maximum market coverage while maintaining optimum profitability for both franchisees and Head Office.


Vision makes it easy and intuitive for the team at Right at Home to access all the data they need, using a simple point-and-click process. 

More advanced users can carry out advanced analysis, as and when required. If help is ever needed, the Atlas Mapping support team is always there to lend a hand.

Having a pre-defined network of territories helps with strategic decision-making. Everyone in the company really appreciates seeing where the business is growing, at both a national and local franchisee level.



The benefits of using Vision for Right at Home

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Easily access data
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User-friendly system
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Pre-defined network of territories
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Help is always on hand
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Happier customers
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Clear business growth
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Customer testimonial

"The team at Atlas Mapping have provided excellent territory management support for Right at Home at every step of our franchise journey; from identifying our potential UK network to supporting our current development, with 80 of circa 160 territories occupied.

Initially they mapped a network of territories that would offer a fair and consistent size of opportunity to each Franchise Owner, based upon our preferred demographic of Over 65 year olds.

Then we were given the data and tools to profile our ideal care Clients and CareGivers, and to remove territories that would be demographically or geographically unsuited to our business model.

This means our prospective Franchisees know they are being offered an area that can work for them, and can make informed decisions when planning their local Marketing and Recruitment strategies.

Their Vision software is reliable, user-friendly and gives us the means to plan possible territory scenarios; the flexibility to easily remodel areas that have changed significantly over time, and the ability to drill down into data at postcode sector level, while ensuring that we stay up to date with any changes to boundaries etc.

The team at Atlas are brilliant too – they have provided excellent training and ongoing support and always employ a positive ‘can-do’ attitude when we need their help."

- Right at Home